Lone Cactus: Spring is Coming

Captain's Log, Stardate 2.7.19 

32 Degrees Fahrenheit but mentally breaking a sweat in the 87 degree Florida sun. While our mind consistently wanders to the warmer days ahead - we never forget that we are part of a very big community who lacks the simple pleasure of not wearing a coat to Target for the next 3 months. 

As a shop owner, we always have our target market in mind but never leave out the masses.  Every design I draw, I am always thinking "OK - does this translate to a Long Sleeve?" "I love this fabric BUT would I actually love it in Florida?" As simple as that sounds - this then turns into: Can I screen print on this fabric? Will this fabric bleed through the ink?  Can I scale back the design to actually fit onto this cute shirt? I'll go into a totally separate blog post for you guys on the (actual) dirty details of what it takes to run the entire business from home and not outsource. It's not for the faint of heart, that is for sure! 

While Spring is in the foreseeable future, we have had it planned for about 2 months now. Designs have all been drawn, edited, digitized; screens have all been burned, shirts ordered and fresh paint has already been set. We have had our entire Spring Collection folded on the shelves for about a full month now.  Before any of that can happen - I spend months jotting down ideas, sketches and pulling inspiration (literally) from anything and anywhere.  Once I have a vision - I always turn to the pros.  I love WWD (Women Wear Daily), Vogue, All NYFW (New York Fashion Week) blogs and scrolling the Fashion Section of the NYTIMES.  My background (for over a decade) was in Retail, specifically as a Buyer for a leading US Retailer.  I bought women's pants and shorts, accessories, swim, hats and jewelry.  (Think Rachel Green!). I've always had an obsession with Fashion and I hope that translates to our product and brand.

I look forward to connecting with you guys on here (on a Disney Level) and Personal one as well! I may even have Ryan do a Blog Post ;)

Feel free to email me any questions you have (lonecactusshop@gmail.com)

XO Jolene