Remy Tray OR Display: Anyone can cook (AVAIL: SUN 2/21)

Remy Tray OR Display: Anyone can cook (AVAIL: SUN 2/21)

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*IF YOU WANT HANDLES DRILLED IN - EMAIL ME WITHIN 24 HRS otherwise it will come with clear display arm (and no handles)!!!

gray tray will get silver handles, honey brown tray will probably get black handles (i will pick which ones look best w/ the color).

Wood with Engravement 

Measures about 14WX12H, about 1.75" Thick

Hand Cut REAL Wood, and Wood Engraved. This is real wood so stain will fill the real wood grain in each wood tray. 

Due to Demand, Please Allow up to 14 Days to Ship as these are all done by hand.


-Do Not Put In Dishwasher

-Do Not Submerge In Water

-Do Not put food directly onto the wood

-Do Gently Wipe with a damp cloth or wipe

-Do use to carry plates, cups, display wine, or simply use to display in kitchen!

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